Calculated Risk

Agricultural Currency Hedging

March 4, 2020

1:00pm – 3:00pm

Presenter: Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist | Cambridge Global payments

This seminar is designed to take beef industry executives through the currency risk management process. With unique insight into how exchange rates and agricultural markets interact, Karl Schamotta, Chief Market Strategist will host a hands-on, practical discussion focused on mitigating currency risk in real world business. He will share some of the strategies that Canada’s most successful ranchers, feeders and processors have utilized to grow profits and ensure sustainability of their business operations over the long-term.

Our principal objectives are to:

– Outline the fundamental economic, financial and political factors that influence currency markets,

– Provide an outlook on the Canadian dollar for the year ahead,

– Identify the business activities that can give rise to currency exposures and summarize approaches to reducing exchange rate risk,

– Illustrate the practical use of hedging tools including forward contracts, FX swaps, vanilla and structured options,

– Learn the tactics ‎that can be used to lower costs and optimize trade execution.