Economic Outlook: Getting Past the Pandemic

Brett House | Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank


Brett House is Vice-President and Deputy Chief Economist at Scotiabank. Previously, Brett was Chief Economist at Alignvest Investment Management in Toronto and Global Strategist at Woodbine Capital Advisors in New York; he was a member of the founding teams at both start-ups.

Earlier in his career, Brett served as Principal Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and as an Economist at the International Monetary Fund. He cut his teeth in bond markets at Goldman Sachs in London and at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

Brett is a Rhodes Scholar with degrees in economics from the University of Oxford and Queen’s. In addition, he has held teaching and research roles at Oxford, Columbia, McGill, and Massey College at the University of Toronto.

Brett is from Vineland Station, Ontario, in the Niagara region where he grew up working on cherry, peach, and grape farms. He received the 2015 Good Citizen Award from his hometown.