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Being the largest of its kind in Canada, the Alberta Beef Industry Conference is designed to address issues faced by many facets of the beef industry - not only in Alberta, but across the country. This year's program is designed to demonstrate how each facet of the industry is repsonsible for innovatively addressing sustainability needs in order to remain a viable and profitable industry.
The five industry associations recognize the importance of connecting together to consider common issues and create plans for the future. These partners are working diligently to continue to provide you with the opportunity to become part of this process and to meet face to face with cattle producers from all sectors of the industry.
The 2013 Alberta Beef Industry Conference is proudly hosted by:
  • Alberta Auction Markets Association
  • Alberta Beef Producers
  • Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association
  • Alberta Livestock Dealers & Order Buyers
  • Western Stock Growers Association

 To register online CLICK HERE